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Watch Dogs 2 Announcement Announced, Teaser Teased

Tease trailer announcement announce tease trailer trail tease trail

Ubisoft today announced the formal announcement of Watch Dogs 2 [official site], a sequel to their open-world crime simulator about a magical hacking telephone. They also released a trailer teasing the release of a trailer. What do we know about the announcement of Watch Dogs 2? It will be livestreamed at 6pm CEST (5pm UK time, 12pm EST, 9am PDT). What do we know about Watch Dogs 2 itself? Its hacking is also a bit silly, and its protagonist also has terrible dress sense. Observe:

Not much to go on, I know. This is E3 season, baby!

The first Watch Dogs was a mess, yeah? The rubbish plot bears the traces of a thousand cuts and rewrites, its tone is all over the place, it's repetitive, and those first gameplay demonstrations were wildly misleading even for games. But I think that was partly down to its tortured development, which spanned two console generations and clearly changed direction a few times. With Watch Dogs out of the way (and, seemingly, uncledad Aiden Pearce too), maybe Ubi now have a clearer idea of what to make from the start. They've certainly had a lot more practise making open-world games.

But really, what's up with that awful outfit? I already want to dislike its protagonist. Rumour says this leak gave a look at him. Oof. Still, at least that fella's no uncledad.

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Watch Dogs

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Watch Dogs 2

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