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Meet Watch_Dogs' Cast: Hacker Girl, Angry Man, Explosion

Who watches the watch dogs?

Up to this point, Watch_Dogs has been all about trench-coat-clad, vigilante-justice-dispensing hatman Aiden Pearce, but the game's no one-man show. It's positively brimming with colorful characters like--[KABOOOOOOOOOM]. Sorry, what I meant to say is, there's this rebellious hacker girl and--[BLAAAAAAAAAMWOOOOOOOOSH]. Argh, my ears won't stop ringing. Let me just find a solid wall to duck behind so I can tell you about the arms dealer who--[CRASHSMASHWHOOOOOMBOOOM, sounds of glass clattering in slow-mo]. I guess I'll just let the weirdly action-packed character trailer speak for itself.

Watch_Dogs is an action game. Did you forget? Yeah, it has computers and talking sometimes, but please, please, please don't forget that it's an action game. Ubisoft is practically begging you.

But yep, those are some characters. They all seem pretty cliched, but then it's kind of hard to take a full measure of somebody when everything won't stop--[KERWHOOOOOOOM] ahem, exploding all around them.

Watch_Dogs is right around the corner, with a May 27th release date closing in rapidly. I really, really want it to live up to its hacky, ka-biff-smack-y potential, but we'll see. I don't think I'll be playing this one for its story, but I was never really planning on that. If we're lucky, we'll still get a big, lively world full of unique NPCs to hack and manipulate. And yes, I get the sneaking suspicion that we'll also be able to blow things up when the mood strikes.

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