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Watch Dogs Legion delays online modes to early 2021

Ubisoft are still tackling singleplayer technical issues

Watch Dogs Legion has been out for nearly a month now, so perhaps some of you have already called it a wrap on the game's main campaign. If you were looking forward to the addition of multiplayer modes and other online London-ing in December, you'll have a bit longer to wait than planned. Ubisoft have announced today that they're pushing back Legion's online modes to early 2021 while they continue to work on technical issues.

Legion released a patch not long after launch to address issues such as framerates and performance while driving, but there's been more than that to tackle. "Since the launch of Watch Dogs: Legion, some of you continue to have technical issues preventing you from enjoying the game. The dev team is committed to fixing these issues and will not stop until everyone can experience the game as intended," Ubisoft say in today's update.

"We have more improvement and quality of life features in store next month, including more stability improvements and further graphics optimizations for PC to reach our goal of consistent 60FPS for higher end GPUs."

To that end, multiplayer is getting scooted from its intended December 3rd launch until early next year. Ubisoft say this will give them time to continue focusing on singleplayer issues and to further test Legion's Online mode prior to launch.

If you'd not kept up with it, Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer is supposed to bring multiple PvP modes, a Dark Souls-y invasion mode and a done battler called Spiderbot Arena. Ubisoft are also planning special four-player missions called Tactical Ops and other co-op for you and your pals.

Ubisoft haven't given a new date to expect Legion's online play aside from "early 2021".

If you are still working through the campaign, well we've got a handy list of Watch Dogs Legion guides for you.

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