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Skye Larsen's fate in Watch Dogs: Legion - Into The Void

What to do with Skye Larsen.

Spoiler alert for the Sky Larsen storyline in Watch Dogs: Legion coming up, so don’t read on if you don’t want to hear about it. Skye Larsen's final mission has you potentially killing or uploading her. Her life lies in your hands, so here's Skye Larsen's fate in Watch Dogs: Legion.

What happens when you kill Skye Larsen?

So once you reach Skye Larsen in Into The Void, Nowt will ask you to finish the job and shut Skye’s program down, sealing her fate. Doing this means you kill Skye Larsen in Into The Void. Her wiry husk will lose all life, and you’ll be praised by Nowt. Bagley will give you a bit of banter, tell you to leave, and Nowt will say she’s all done with DedSec for now.

This lasts for all of two minutes, as after you escape Nowt will phone you back, apologise, and be found in the DedSec safehouse offering you contracts. Talk to her if you want to find Stormzy in Watch Dogs: Legion.

What happens when you upload Skye Larsen?

If you for some reason decide to save Skye Larsen’s life in the Into The Void mission, after she’s bombarded you with enemies and enslaved people’s consciousnesses into perpetual torture, by uploading her consciousness to the cloud, don’t worry too much. Absolutely nothing will change, aside from Nowt getting angry with you in the moment.

She’ll be bloody furious for a bit, then swiftly forgive you, before you find out the Daybreak project is being defunded anyway so Skye's fate is death regardless. I love moral choices in games.

Hopefully the 404 missions haven’t thinned out your DedSec ranks too much - if they have, check out our guide on how to recruit operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion. You can also get some free cool looking gear with the help of our Watch Dogs: Legion masks map and list.

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