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Watch EA Play live with us here today

Dead Space? Battlefield? Apex Legends?

Come one, come all! Join us in watching Electronic Arts' NotE3 stream, EA Play Live. Kicking off at 6pm BST (or 10am PT for you folks across the pond), EA will have announcements and footage for games like Battlefield 2042, Apex Legends, Lost In Random and potentially even Dead Space, if the rumours are true.

Before the stream starts, I feel it's only fair to warn you of what won't be making an appearance. So, don't expect any Star Wars, BioWare things like Dragon Age and Mass Effect (boo), or any newness from Skate.

In a blog post, EA confirm they'll have something to show for Battlefield 2042, and we'll see some of the first footage for the upcoming action-adventure-looking game, Lost In Random (which is made by the developers of Fe).

We also know we'll see more of Apex Legends' recently revealed (and very fashionable) new character, Seer. Respawn Entertainment seem geared up to show us what'll be going down in the game's next season too. So far, we know it's named Emergence, and will likely introduce a ranked Arenas mode.

And last, but certainly not least, the rumour mill has been spinning so fast with whispers of a Dead Space reveal that I think it might take off. Supposedly, EA's Motive Studios are working on "revival" of an "established IP". Watch this space to find out if there's any truth to all the gossip.

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