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Watch Gods Will Be Watching Expand Into A Full Game

Gods Will Be Watching is one of the absolute best jam games I've ever played. The original, still-free version is remarkably robust for having burbled together in the cauldrons of Ludum Dare in a mere 48 hours, and its concept is wickedly inventive despite that. Basically, it's Oregon Trail meets the creeping madness of insurmountable catastrophe, with your band of survivors slowly bleeding sanity as time, hunger, sickness, and the elements take their toll. It's an incredibly bleak little thing, but a massively interesting one. But now would you look at it? It's all growed up! Or at least, it will be assuming it   rakes in a little spending money on Indiegogo.

The expanded version won't simply toss you back into the same 40-day disastertastrophe with a few extra toys. Rather, Gods Are Still Watching So Don't Get Any Funny Ideas is about creating new, equally devastating dilemmas around the same core set of ideas. Deconstructeam explained:

"The remake won’t be just about surviving on a hostile planet, but to overcome several difficult situations that will expand both the storyline and universe of sergeant Burden and his crew, and will offer new moral dilemmas in order to stay alive."

"We designed 6 different scenes which we expect will put you under interesting stressful situations, what kind of leader you will be? Also, we put a lot of effort in making every stage unique, don’t expect to see the same puzzle twice. For example: test experimental vaccines on your partners in order to find a cure to the virus that’s running through your veins and will kill you all in less than 48 hours... or just endure through 20 days of torture."

Also on the docket: more robust AI for your companions, better rewards for actually completing scenarios, and challenges for those who want extra variety. Also, the ability to kick people while they're on the floor. And hopefully more dogs. But hopefully not the ability to kick dogs. If one of the morally brutal scenarios is 20 Days Of Puppy Executions, then count me out.

The team is asking for 8.000€. So far, they're more than a fourth of the way to their goal, so that's a good sign. I'm a bit worried that the new scenarios could push things into ridiculously melodramatic "too far" territory, but we'll see. Are you glad that this one's shaking off its developmental permafrost and having another go at survival?

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