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Watch the RPS Indies Uncovered stream at PAX and EGX Rezzed to discover your next favourite indie game

We wishlist you well

While we're a little bit closer to meeting up at the Tobacco Docks for some Zoom-less chats and interactive funtimes, we're not quite there yet. So, in lieu of in-person video games events, the lovely folks at EGX Rezzed (and our American cousins that are keeping all PAX-related things ticking over) are running two online events that kick off this weekend - and we'll be taking part with our returning Indies Uncovered stream.

EGX Rezzed Digital and PAX Online East both begin tomorrow on July 15th, and they'll run until Sunday July 18th. There's plenty of delightful and insightful panels on esports, game design, mental health and more for you to watch everyday, but if you're looking to add some indie games to your Steam wishlist, you should watch my Weekspot partner Matthew Castle and I play through some game demos.

From Thursday to Saturday, between 5.30pm and 6.30pm over on PAX's PAX2 Twitch channel, you'll see us play three indie games each day. While you might have come across one or two of the nine highlighted games in a previous Steam Next Fest-type demos thing, I think there's more than a few games here that'll have you saying things like, "Ooooh," and, "I like the look of this computer game, and I wasn't aware of it until today."

If you miss out on the first airing, don't worry: EGX Rezzed will also be showing two of the three Indies Uncovered streams, too. You can check out the schedule for times on everything that's happening.

So, drop in over the course of the weekend and watch as we play some indie games might increase the size of your wishlist.

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