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Watch the new Tom Clancy game reveal here today

Unfortunately, I don't think it's new Splinter Cell

Today, Ubisoft will announce a new game in the "Tom Clancy's" universe, but don't get your hopes up for a new Splinter Cell just yet. While Ubisoft themselves haven't said much about what they're revealing, a few snippets of gameplay have already been released, and it sure looks like Call Of Duty: The Division. I shan't knock it until we've seen more, however, so come join us at 7pm BST (11am PT) to catch the reveal stream.

Ubisoft announced the stream yesterday, saying "things are going to get wild". Is this a teaser in itself? Is it something to do with Ghost Recon Wildlands? I sure hope not.

Tom Clancy has a great big universe now, with all his Rainbow Sixes, Ghost Recons, Splinter Cells and Divisions. It seems the new game might actually be involved with that last one in some way, as early gameplay posted by IGN shows some shooting on a map based in what appears to be New York in The Division.

It looks like a typical deathmatch, and we see the armyman use some sort of special ability. Are… are Ubisoft making an ability-based hero shooter? It's not completely out of the realm of possibility. Last month, leaked internal documents suggested the company were working on a crossover FPS involving Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon and The Division.

While the leaked images have since been removed from the original tweet, sites like VGC caught that the game (which is internally named BattleCat) would have character classes with unique abilities, and feature characters like Splinter Cell's Echelon.

But hey, maybe it's something completely different! We'll find out at 7pm.

While we're on the subject of Ubisoft games, it's worth noting that they recently delayed both Rainbow Six Extraction and Riders Republic, for four and two months respectively.

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