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Watch us do a stealthy, bitey run in this deep demo of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

Tremere-king me very thirsty

If you hold the shift key to slide down the RPS treehouse’s rickety ropeladder, you’ll get ropeburn, but you’ll also get to the bottom of the tree. There, you’ll find a trap door that requires a pulley and a rubber chicken to open, and at the bottom of the gaping chasm, you’ll find me, a ball and chain fastened to my ankle and purple and green-striped prisoner’s garments adorning my body, sat in front of a high-end workstation. This is the RPS video dungeon, where I have been hard at work making a deep-dive video on Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2, and all the blood-sucking and sneaking you'll be able to do. Come look.

This week, you see, video dad Matthew Castle gifted me yet another thumb drive from the Gamescom conquest. This one contained footage of the upcoming vampy RPG, and an audio recording of Matthew asking a Florian Schwarzer from Paradox Interactive some questions about the long-awaited blood-sucking sequel. I’ve listened to the mysterious man’s questions, trawled through the gameplay footage, and compiled this blow-by-blow video to give you a bunch more juicy info on what to expect when it releases in March next year.

There’s a more in-depth explanation of how Resonance works (the "flavour" of people you can bite) and what Merits are, some suggestions as to what the main storyline will focus on (lots of talk of Old Seattle vs. New, Tech Investment-funded Seattle) and we even get to see a bit of a boss fight, sort of, which seems just as clunky and standard as they did in the first Bloodlines, but I’m trying to be optimistic. If any of this looks familiar, it's because we played through the same demo at E3, but that time we were far less sneaky.

If you enjoyed this cheeky deep dive, there’s plenty more like it, including all of our jazzy Gamescom coverage, over on the rest of the RPS YouTube channel. You should go check it out! You should also like and share this vid around. If it gets enough numbers, then I’ll be able to go outside for five minutes to have a cigarette and remind myself what the sun looks like.

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