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Welcome Colm Ahern to the RPS video team - and apply to work here yourself

Changing channels

As eager telescope wielders might have spotted if they were watching our Sea Of Thieves stream yesterday, there's a new vid bud aboard the good ship RPS. It's Colm Ahern, former editor and video star of VideoGamer. Please join me in wishing him a warm welcome in the comments below - and read on for some more team news.

The team revealed Colm in traditional YouTube style by making him get immediately into the sea:

If Colm's name seems familiar, it's probably because of the time he spent running VideoGamer's YouTube channel and eventually the whole site. While there he investigated meaningful topics such as whether Kratos is real, celebrated videogame demos, and reviewed games through song. He brings a wealth of experience which will help advance our goals with the RPS YouTube channel. Expect reviews, live streams, and a lot more in the months ahead, beginning with an XCOM: Chimera Squad review later this week.

There's also some sad news to add to this. After nearly two years, Alice Liguori is moving on at the beginning of May to an exciting new opportunity elsewhere within our corporate overlords. We'll run a proper goodbye post nearer the time (and Matthew and Alice are determined to finish their Divinity Let's Play, one way or another).

We're mentioning Alice's departure because we're now advertising for a third person to join Matthew and Colm on the video team. It's a Brighton-based position (though we'd set you up to work from home until the pandemic is over), and there are more details over on the job listing.

For now, rush to the comments to wish Colm a happy hello.

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