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Welcome to Cyber Monday, normies

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Welcome to the future, but somehow also the 90s, you scrubs. Such is the power of my l33t hacker skillz that I have hacked the present from the past and am posting this when I'm not even here. No, not post scheduling! How dare you. I am deleting all the photos of your dog you have stored on The Cloud for calling my skills into question. Today is Cyber Monday, not merely a made up holiday to get everyone to spend all the money on online stores, but also an RPS cyber takeover.

Check the Cyber Monday 2018 tag for all our posts celebrating cyber and hacking games. We've got stuff like an update to our best hacking games list, a lot of love for David Bowie, and an analysis of a cybery sex visual novel. And we also have themed features.

(We've also still got a Black Friday deals round-up, for those looking to b33f up their hacking rig.)

Put on some cool shades and a sweet leather duster. Watch The Matrix, but probably only the first one. Then put on CSI: Cyber because it is legitimately hilarious; Dawson's Creek solves crime with fake hacking. Speaking of, because none of you are as l33t as me, pretend you are with cool browser games like this one.

Peace out, losers.

Yrs in blackhattery,


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