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We'll have to wait for MultiVersus online couch co-op, game director says

Mappable specials and directional attacks coming in next patch

Warner Bros’ licensed brawler MultiVersus won’t be getting support for online couch co-op anytime soon, game director Tony Huynh has said. Huynh was replying to a question on Twitter about whether the MultiVersus team were working on implementing a spin on that most Nineties of features. Speaking of Nineties nostalgia, you can watch a retro trailer for MultiVersus below. Makes me feel ten again.

With its cartoon-packed roster, MultiVersus feels like a lost game from twenty-five years ago at times.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be online couch co-op in MultiVersus at some point. Huynh qualified that playing together with distant friends while some of you sit together on comfortable furnishings of your choice was something that’s still “further out”. “Our focus right now is stabilizing our experience,” Huynh said. “Netcode improvements, hurt/hitboxes, projectiles, platform interactions, etc.”

One feature coming relatively soon though is the option to map specials and directional attacks for keyboard and controllers. This will be part of the next update, which Huynh says is “turning into a massive patch”. It’s always handy to have the choice to remap stuff like this for accessibility reasons, so its inclusion in the next patch is good to hear.

We rated MultiVersus as one of the best free games you can play on PC. Ed thought the game needed a bit of polish when entered open beta, but felt it was still way ahead of other Smash-likes. “It isn't filled with countless capsule machines, asking you to gamble away precious currencies of different shapes and sizes,” he said. “For a free-to-play title, it's an extremely slick operation that seems genuine in its intentions. It wants you to have a blast and it absolutely excels at it.”

MultiVersus is free to play on Steam and the Epic Games Store. You still can’t play as Ted Lasso, but Ollie has you covered with his tier list of the best MultiVersus characters for 1v1 and 2v2 play.

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