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Well, When You Put It That Way: Kill The Bad Guy

Not a complicated premise, really.

Sometimes, I'm not exactly after a moral dilemma. I don't want to weigh the choices between two opposing factions in a deep and meaningful world. I'm not after thrilling vistas or twisting, surprising plotlines. I just want to be pointed at a dude, told he's not very nice and told to dispose of him. Kill The Bad Guy adds wrecking balls, police-barricade-fired rail spikes and all manner of other brutally efficient means to disembowel and decapitate. Built around the rather flimsy plot of a secret society taking out criminals and other do-badders, any similarities with the real world end rather quickly. It's a collection of mono-chrome playgrounds built purely for creating a spectacle of the death of a masked man through cunning placement of physics objects and good timing. A trailer, demo and deets if you can prove to me you're not one of them.

You can grab a demo, released in conjunction with a cancelled (presumably due to failing) Kickstarter earlier this year, here. No part of it is especially original, from the graphical style to the trap setting puzzle nature, but enjoyable all the same. It's a little crass, but we're talking about Acme Corporation: The Game here, so it's to be expected. The no-nonsense premise is endearing in an age of Kevin Spacey government conspiracy plots and world spanning faction warfare, though I'm not sure how much bigger than the demo the idea can get. Perhaps more importantly - will people be willing to pay for it, as the Kickstarter suggests they won't? My guess is that it will depend on the price tag come the May 28th release date.

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