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We're launching 3 new video series and memberships over on YouTube

It's evolving!

Down below the RPS treehouse, through the trap door and deep into the depths of the gaping chasm, lies the RPS video dungeon. You already know this, but what you might not have known is that we’ve renovated the place a little bit. If you pop over to the Rock Paper Shotgun YouTube channel, you'll see our fancy new banner, a button to sign-up to our brand new channel memberships, and the first of a troika of new video series launching over the next week. Details and embeds below.

The first of those video series has already gone live. Every fortnight, Crafting Materials will feature Matthew taking a look at how some of our favourite games work. If you like the site's Mechanic feature, you'll enjoy Crafting Materials. You can check out the first episode now, embedded below.

Later this week, Alice L will begin a new Sims 4 building series in which she attempts to meticulously reconstruct famous rooms from fabulous video games. Then next week, I’ll be presenting Mise En Cutscene, a series that aims to apply cinematic analysis to video games.

This is the start of us growing our ambitions for the channel and doing more on-camera and personal work. That said, we’ll still be carrying on our lets plays of Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines, and Reviews Roulette is far too much fun for us to give up on. We’re also going to be streaming a lot more regularly; every Monday at 3pm, to be precise. Tuesdays will alternate between Crafting Materials and Mise En Cutscene on a weekly basis, Fridays will alternate between Alice’s Sims builds and Reviews Roulettes, and Thursdays and Sundays will still be the homes of our VTMB and Divinity lets plays respectively.

If you already like what we do, you can also now sign up to become a member of the YouTube channel by chucking us £5 a month. In exchange, we’ll provide you with some emojis of our faces, some badges to display your loyalty, alongside behind-the-scenes videos and a fortnightly mini-podcast with the video team. You'll also be directly supporting the creation of more videos like the one above - all those marshmallows don't come cheap.

We’ve been working on all of this in the background for a while now and can't wait to hear what you think. We’re looking forward to showing the rest of what’s in store over the next week, so if you’re not already, you should head over and subscribe to the channel, and if you’re feeling up to it, become a member.

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