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We're looking for a staff writer to join RPS

Merge yourselves with Horace

We've posted a lot of job adverts over the past 18 months, for hardware editors and guides writers and video makers. Here's one we haven't posted: RPS is looking for a new staff writer to join our ranks and write fabulous words about PC games. You can leap straight over to the job posting on GI.biz for all the details, or read on for a summary.

"Staff writer" is a catch-all term for 'person wot writes'. In our case, we're looking for someone who can write about PC games in the style of RPS. That means writing entertaining copy and not just dry recitation of facts, and it means being blog-y and personal and subjective where appropriate.

Specifically we're hoping to find someone who is in tune with a game community or two, who is willing to try their hand at anything and learn new skills as needed, who can uncover stories no one else is reporting, and who can bring humour and a moral compass to their reporting. We think your focus would be on shorter posts, but this isn't strictly a newswriting role and it would also involve writing features, reviews and more.

A few common questions answered:

Is this a paid position?

Yes, of course. This is a full-time, salaried position.

Can I work remotely?

This is a UK-based position. We'd prefer the person we hire to be based in or relocate to Brighton, England.

Do I need to have existing experience?

You don't need to have been paid to write about games before, but we do need to see samples that demonstrate your writing ability. It's perfectly valid if those samples are posts you wrote on your own blog which no one reads.

Do you need to be called Alice to work here?

No, but it helps.

If you think this all sounds swell and that you'd be the right fit for the role, then head to the job listing now to find details on how to apply. And if you've any further questions, drop them in the comments.

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