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We've launched a new gaming podcast, so smash that subscribe button

I guess we can call it the RPS Podcast Network now

After compiling the data and crunching the numbers, we've discovered that people who play video games also enjoy podcasts. To be fair, we've known that you'll take time out of your week to listen to one video game podcast for a while, but it turns out you've got a hankering for even more video game-related audio.

And we're more than happy to chat absolute wallop on mic for your listening pleasure, dear reader.

The PC Gaming Weekspot is a weekly video chat-thing that I and my friend Matthew do, every Tuesday evening, on the Rock Paper Shotgun YouTube channel. We discuss the biggest news stories of the last week, we chat about the games we've been playing, and we shout at each other while trying to guess games from their Steam reviews.

But, we know everyone doesn't have time to sit in front of their screens for two hours on a Tuesday night. You want to be able to listen to us while you're doing the dishes, clearing out the garage, whatever. So, from today, you're able to subscribe to The PC Gaming Weekspot podcast! Once you do that, and regardless of your podcast app of choice, you should see new episodes pop up every Tuesday evening.

Now, this isn't replacing The Electronic Wireless Show, so you'll still get your hour of nonsense chat every Thursday, but for those who are in the market for something a little more in the way of current gaming events (but still with some nonsense) then the Weekspot is very much for you.

Unless I've forgot one — please let me know if I have — you should be able to download The PC Gaming Weekspot on pretty much all the major podcatching apps. Here's a handy bullet-pointed list so you can easily see the one you want:

Of course, if you prefer the visual element, you'll still be able to watch every episode on YouTube, every Tuesday evening. We just want to reach as many people as possible and the best way to do that is by releasing the show as a podcast, too.

While the Electronic Wireless Show and The PC Gaming Weekspot will probably be your lot for 2020, there are plans to add more shows to the RPS Podcast Network in 2021, so watch this space!

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