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How do I send you links and tip-offs?

Ooh, absolutely. If there’s a piece of obscura we’ve missed, whether it’s a cute indie game or an easter egg in an AAA title, we’d certainly love to hear about it. Let us know here. We won’t use everthing that comes our way, because we’re sometimes busy/lazy/overwhelmed, but if it’s interesting you’ve got a good chance. And we’ll love you to bits for sending stuff, whether or not we post it.

Oh- please remember we’re a PC-only site. Your post-modern Mario fan-art is clever’n’all, but we can’t post it here.

That’s PC-only. PC-only. PC-only. Goddit? You haven’t, have you? Sigh.

Also – aggressive-ish emails of the “shame on you for not covering game x” or “why haven’t you covered game x?” sort will be either ignored or responded to with a torrent of hatred, and possibly violence towards your pets. We’re just four guys. There are quite literally millions of PC games. Maths! Do it!