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What are we all playing this bank holiday weekend?


I've just become aware that this is another three-day weekend in the UK so WELL...! We'll be back in full force on Tuesday, in that case.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

This weekend I will probably spend some time noodling around The Witcher 3 and try and reach Skellige, which everyone says is a good bit but I have never seen.


With Scotland starting to plan a gradual easing of lockdown, I am suddenly very aware that I'm short of the goals I set. I've been lifting weights (and swinging, with the kettlebell) a fair bit and grown some good lumps but my biceps don't yet sparkle and go SCHINNGGG! like a cartoon sword when I flex so tbh I need to put in extra work.


This weekend is going to be a special one. We're getting a new kettle. Yeah... I know. Exciting times. As well as that, I'll probably dip in to Minecraft Dungeons I've never been able to get into vanilla Minecraft, so I'm going to see if this is the thing that can get me onboard with blocks.


I imagine I'll be playing a lot more of Minecraft Dungeons over the weekend. I quite enjoy it for what it is, despite the RSI I'll inevitably get from clicking the left mouse button so many times. I'm also very intrigued by Maneater, though Nate's very good review is making me think twice about whether it's something I'll continue playing after a couple of hours.


I've got some preview and review code for things I shouldn't talk about which I'll be playing over the weekend. I'm still dying to find the time to play some Deep Rock Galactic however, because being a space dwarf with some friends sounds fun.


Still on the Dark Souls 3 grind this weekend. I'm nearing the end now though, so I'm hopping into the DLCs so I don't have to stop playing just yet. Short of that I'm gonna give Crucible another shot, too. Its launch may have been a bit lacklustre, but despite that I still quite like it. Makes a change from constantly playing Overwatch at every given opportunity... oh god, am I getting bored of Overwatch?


Right, we're going to do it this time, we're going to finish Final Fantasy VII Remake. I ended up spending all of last Saturday finishing off a side-quest chapter, but it's finally time to make our ascent up the Shinra tower. The only question now is: stairs or lift?


I'll be hopping aboard Monster Train, and I expect the weekend will run out of steam before I do. There is a non-zero chance this deckbuilder will take up a comparable amount of my life to the Spire. How wonderful.


This week's Witcher 3 podcast got me longing for that terrific NPC banter, but I'm also halfway through Assassin's Creed Odyssey, so should probably stick with those less entertaining barks.


Nate has been fired.


Subnautica has finally clicked, and I'm loving every second of it. It's also made me realise a phobia of the deep ocean that I never knew I had. I haven't jumped so hard at a game since the Enderman Incident of 2011.


I am not here, having cleverly stolen the day off from Graham's magical cupboard of concepts. I will be playing games though, because, well. Y'know. Most likely more Elite Dangerous, whose fleet carrier beta continues until Tuesday, and perhaps more Fallout 76. I'm also supposed to be playing Captain Forever with Matt at some point. And more of my first ever D&D game on Sunday. Lumme. I'll need a day off after all that.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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