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What are we all playing this bank holiday weekend?


Hallo! Monday is a bank holiday for us here in the UK, so we'll leave you with Alice Bee until the rest of us return on Tuesday (well, aside from those of us taking more time). This is the last big holiday weekend of summer, a traditional time to get out in the countryside or down to the seaside. Could use a little heat and joy with the terrible, terrible winter to come. Anyway! What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee
Honestly I'm not sure what I'll get up to this weekend. I was recommended a Dreamcast survival horror game called D2 (I was never a Dreamcast kid so I won't have played most Dreamcast games you recommend), so I might spend a couple of days trying to get an emulator working.

My mum is visiting for the first time in years, so I'm playing an intense session real-life Viscera Cleanup Detail. It's not that my flat is filthy, but is it mum clean? Hopefully the ongoing bin strike will make my flat look cleaner in comparison (and hopefully strikers will get the raise they deserve).

I started playing Escape Academy together with my partner yesterday, swapping over between puzzle rooms. It's been fun so far, so we'll most likely try to fit some more of that in. Other than that, Death Stranding. Going on a Geoff trek this weekend.

is busy at Gamescom!

My weekend is going to be split between diving into the Season Of Plunder on Destiny 2 and finally checking out Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord. I've wanted to check out Bannerlord ever since it launched in early access but opted to keep plodding along in Warband until the full release. I thought it'd never come, but the recent reveal now has it set for October 25th. That's soon! That must mean it's almost finished, so I'll treat myself and hop in a couple of months early.

I'm behind on my Deep Rock Galactic weeklies so need to catch up. DRG isn't gacha or anything. I just, uh, like 'em.

Yep, you guessed it. It's more Xenoblade 3. Expect this to be a theme for the next... I don't know. Six months? A year? It's a big one all right.

Wizard fights in a Dragon Quest XI S screenshot.

I'm out of the country for the best part of a month from today, so I think I'm going to start something meaty on my Switch. Maybe Dragon Quest 11? I usually hate JRPGS but maybe this time things will be different...?

In between bouts of Apex, I've installed the final beta of Super People, so I'm hoping to give that another whirl this weekend and see what's changed since I last played it several months back. I've been watching some of the streamer tournaments going on at the moment, and the prevalence of nukes going off across the map each match is just silly. I expect the Nuclear class is going to receive a nerf quite soon, because it takes a lot of the skill out of what's otherwise a very skill-based and enjoyable battle royale.

My pile from last week is getting smaller! I'm still playing Cult Of The Lamb and taking my sweet time with it (I've only just beaten the second boss), but apart from that, I'm going to sink some time into I Was A Teenage Exocolonist ready for my review next week. I've played a couple of hours already and it's been..kinda meh, but I do feel like it's heading in an interesting direction.

Genshin Impact 3.0 has done its job of drawing me back in. I find it all too easy to bounce off the daily grind of live service games, and I'll admit I hadn't really played Genshin for my own amusement (as opposed to work reasons) in the last couple of months. But the annual drop of new story content has proven too enticing to resist, so given that I've got some extra time this weekend, I hope to get stuck into my latest fix of high fantasy anime nonsense.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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