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What are we all playing this weekend?


Alright here we go, we're about to enter the final week of notE3. Next week, Microsoft have their big show-off stream plus another Day Of The Devs showcase is coming as part of the Summer Game Fest. That's it. Then we're into a period I'm now declaring pre-Gamescom. But for now, still so many video games to play. Even if we are mostly playing Death Stranding.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

Alice has been fired.


I'm dead keen to start tromping around Death Stranding. My years of walking simulators have trained me in slowly crossing pretty landscapes, and Metal Gear has prepared me for daft Kojima sci-fi. GONNA NAIL IT.


I might fire up The Outer Worlds. We're planning a few things on the RPS YouTube and I need to do some research. Intrigue and so on!


I took delivery of my new desk and cupboards, so I now have a proper gaming setup! Might reward myself by either doing some more DIY, playing games on older gaming consoles that have been in storage for over a year. Death Stranding will always be calling though, as well as Ooblets.


I've started playing You're-A-Truck Simulator aka Death Stranding and although I'm only a few hours in, I'm enjoying it so far. Death Stranding's story and dialogue might be gibberish, but it's not boring. And trudging across the Icelandic landscape, delivering USB sticks to holograms, is a nice relaxing way to end each day.


Imogen is away.


It's more Death Stranding for me, if only because Matthew will likely be glued to the TV playing Ghost Of Tsushima this weekend. The story of Kojima's courier sim is proper bonkers, but it does look exceedingly lovely and I'm becoming increasingly invested in Norman Reedus and his bottled baby pal. That, and I've just got an ultrawide monitor in to play it in its full 21:9 glory. Yes mate.


I'll probably play a lot of Death Stranding.


I'm continuing Orienteering: Monster Energy Drink Edition. I've got tunnel vision about building motorway segments, so hope an influx of weekend players will accelerate the process and free me from my tarmac toil.


Nate has been fired.


Ollie has been fired.


I will be sleeping. Well, hopefully. I will also be continuing my re-watch of Black Sails, which remains excellent despite some truly embarassing scenes with women early on. Probably the only thing to get pirates right. Politics! Rebellion! Vision! Gay! Defy the empire! Risk your life for a cat! Do schemes! Oh, the many schemes. That and I suppose I'll play more Arma 3.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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