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What are we all playing this weekend?


And that's it, notE3 is over. Microsoft's Xbox Games Showcase on Thursday wrapped up the seven-odd weeks of disparate marketing events, and I have to say: I miss E3. Should this be the end of E3, let's just spread stuff across the whole year, not half-arse it with events spread across the best part of two months. See our E3 tag for eeeverythiiing we posted. I am tired. Which is why I'm taking the next fortnight off work. I'll see you again in August, which I believe is now called 'pre-Gamescom.'

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

Alice is busy.


First, I intend to sleep for a week. Then I intend to enjoy my holiday! I've recently got a bike and am looking forward to easing back into it, after over-exuberantly going 26 miles on only my fourth time sat on it. Yeah, that hurt. Lots of swimming too, of course. And I think I'm going to try to finish Destiny 2's new Prophecy dungeon solo without dying. That's a nice little challenge, and the emblem it earns you looks great.


Röki looks too lovely to ignore. And it will be a nice palate cleanser after I watch an eccentric lad named Hiromu beat up a horrible man called capital letters EVIL on Saturday morning.


After delving into both Ooblets's early access and Temtem's latest update, I'm a little tapped out for monster collecting...hang on. Pokémon Go Fest is this weekend?! Ohhhh snap! I'll be charging my battery pack and catching all the 'mons.

Outside of that though I managed to pick up a few bargains thanks to Katharine's lovely deals posts, with Sekiro high on my "to-play" list. Either that or jump into a Witcher game for the first time. Should I just start with the third one or are the first two worth playing? Feel free to jump into the comments.


I have finished a detour to review a game, and so this week I hope to get back to steering Norman Reedus across the Icelandic American wastes in Death Stranding. The game reminds me so much of my childhood spent hiking up Scottish mountains that I have started browsing online shops for actual hiking boots.


Last weekend my old gaming laptop went into retirement and I finally built my first-ever PC! I've been going through all my fave games and setting all the graphics to ULTRA, simply because I can now. Next up is Sea Of Thieves, and ohhh I can't wait to see that gorgeous ocean looking better than ever.


I will likely be trekking across the ultrawide landscapes of Death Stranding again this weekend, but I've also just built a new basement in Animal Crossing so now I've got to find 2.5 million more bells to shovel into the grubby paws of Tom Nook to pay off the loan. If only Animal Crossing let you pay in Death Stranding-style Likes for all the bridges and stairs you build as well as Bells... I'd be rich in no time.


Matt is distracted.


A trip to London will eat into my gaming time (and, thanks to plague, lifetime), but if I can get to my PC it'll be back to Desperados 3 to try the new Baron challenges. They're remixes of existing levels with quirky new restrictions. One of them looks like a sniper only challenge at a party that has big Hitman energy. Can't wait!


It's another screenless weekend for me, but I'm pretty excited because I'm making my first post-lockdown excursion further than the corner shop. I'm going to a specialist aquatics shop in Peterborough to pick up a special, extremely fancy Japanese fishtank, and loads of very posh rocks and plants and that to put in it. I'll probably watch the Halo Infinite Gorillologue a couple of times to get psyched up for it, though.


I could feel myself losing interest in Trackmania through this week, and had just started wondering what else to play during my downtime. And then, out of the blue, I found a delicious shortcut on one of the levels and rose to the top 50 in the UK for that level. And now I'll stop at nothing until I'm top 50 in all of them.


I will be complaining because I can't get Distant Worlds to work on Windows 10, forcing me to trawl through the meagre list of pirate games with actual piracy in and not just mindless violence or parroty set dressing. Because I'll also continue to re-watch Black Sails, which is even better a second time and probably my favourite historical drama.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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