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What are we all playing this weekend?


E3 officially starts today, after a lively unofficial warm-up. Today has Ubisoft, Devolver, Gearbox, Wholesome Direct, and more, then Sunday will bring Microsoft and Bethesda and Square Enix and... see our E3 stream schedule for info on those and the rest. But those are futuregames, what about nowgames? What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on.

Alice Bee
E3 weekend is a toughy, so if I play anything at all it's going to have to make no real demands of me. So like, probably Glass Masquerade 2 again.

I'm on the E3 news desk all weekend but hope to squeeze in a long ride on my new bike. It's my first new-new bike in 20 years and my first ever bike with clip-in pedals, so I am terrified of it. I assume this will wear off once I inevitably forget to unclip at a traffic light and comically fall over like a Lycra-clad Del Boy with a bike attached to his soles.

I game I want to play this weekend is Chicory: A Colorful Tale. But those E3 livestreams aren't going to watch themselves. And the Euros begin this weekend, too. If I can, I'll get around to seeing what the painting dog is like, but it'll probably have to wait until Keighley calls time on the festival of video games: summer edition.

I am back from hols and that means I am jumping back into the Warzone before Season 4 lands. Chicory also looks colourful and nice, so maybe I'll play that to chill out in the evenings. That is, if I'm not watching E3 and flinching every time I hear "World Premiere".

I will be playing the game called, "watching E3 2021 streams". It's a co-op game because you do it with pals and spend most of the time bantering - kind of like Fortnite.

When I'm not in the news mines hunting writing about E3 announcements, I'll probably be playing Mass Effect 2 this weekend, with a sprinkling of Stardew and Valorant on the side. New games? Never heard of them.

Chicory: A Colorful Tale - The played character stands with a brush in front of a grey and white tower. The ground has been partially colored rainbow and some of the nearby trees have been filled in green.
Chicory is indeed a colourful tale.

Between all the E3 press conferences this weekend, I'll be playing some more of Greg Lobanov's lovely Chicory: A Colorful Tale. I adored his previous game, Wandersong, and what I've played of Chicory so far confirms this top-down painting adventure is every bit as delightful as his previous bard-based puzzle platformer. More please!

is ???

Chivalry 2 has stolen my free time, just like Mordhau, and Chivalry 1 before that. Haven't yet figured out if it's better than Mordhau or just different. It's certainly lacking a key quality of life feature or two, but on the flipside, the satisfaction of punishing an overly defensive player with a well-timed kick is just... it's a heady feeling, alright.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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