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What are we all playing this weekend?


Snow is falling across parts of the UK, and I consider myself blessed to live close enough to snowlands to go play in it, yet not so close that I have to live with it. I look forward to swimming in sight of some snowy hills today then hiking through some snowy hills tomorrow, then returning to my cosy flat. But what are you playing this weekend?

Alice Bee
WorldBox consumes me. I am just throwing tiny people and animals into a jar, and then shaking the jar. It is endlessly fascinating, and I'm not even doing very much to make anything happen. Like, sometimes I will drop a wizard in to see how the advanced elf civilisation will react, but mostly I am just running scenarios and leaving them. Like leaving an unwashed mug full of mould.

I've one Cyberpunk 2077 ending left to tick off (well, unless I meet the requirements for the secret ending? I'm not sure). I like how personal they've all been, ultimately closing with the small stories of people's lives. Night City might change a little, the balance of power perhaps shifting, but the meatgrinder is the meatgrinder and will remain so. All you can do inside is try to live a life, dodging the ever-biting teeth.

Really enjoying Cyberpunk 2077, folks. If you ignore the jank and the fact a lot of things are busted, there's some real quality in there. Love it when my phone makes a bleep and it's a message from my mates Judy or River or Panam. It's the characters and their stories which make this game shine. And my new cyber-legs too. They cost me everything, but I can now double jump so it's all good.

I'm not usually one for New Year's Resolutions, but January always fills me with a burning desire to try something new. While it won't last long, I do want to spend some time with XCOM: Enemy Unknown before the usual battle royale suspects come along with another year of fresh content. I'm already a few hours in and have somehow managed to keep my whole squad alive so far. I'm sure a heartbreaking death is just around the corner, though.

Aiming at a Muton in an XCOM: Enemy Unknown screenshot.
Mate I know that enemy, it's a Muton.

It's my birthday this weekend and I have plans both days, so the best I can hope for is maybe a few minutes of Touhou LostWord on the Tube. As long as no-one can see me doing it.

One of the games I played over Christmas was the achingly beautiful visual novel Opus: Echo Of Starsong, and it turns out there are two more games in the series I had no idea about! I instantly picked up both during the Steam Winter Sale earlier in the week, so I'll likely be tucking into them sometime this weekend. Opus: The Day We Found Earth is up first, and then it's on to Opus: Rocket Of Whispers (and if either of them have as gorgeous a soundtrack as Starsong did, they're going to be a real treat). I can't wait!

Over the Christmas holidays I bought my brother Ziggurat 2, the sequel to a FPS roguelite that we both played to death years ago. It looked so fun that I then bought Ziggurat 2 for myself, and we've both been playing it pretty much non-stop since then. We've both started new save slots at the highest difficulty, and since then it's become a real challenge. But the metaprogression is slowly doing its job and making things a bit more manageable with each death. Great fun, highly recommended.

One of my modest resolutions for the New Year is to actually play some of these visual novels I can't stop buying, thereby reducing my pile of shame by at least a respectable amount. But because I can't take on a simple task without making it more complicated for myself, I've elected to start by replaying some early Ace Attorney and Danganronpa games, since it's not enough to finish a game once if I own it on multiple platforms, right? Gotta earn that completed save file on Steam and Switch before I can move on to the actual new stuff.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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