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What are we all playing this weekend?


Following a wee technical hiccup on my part, ladies and gentlemen, The Weeknd. I'm already thinking ahead to E3 2022 because a friend's planning part of their wedding celebrations for mid-June and I don't know if... how strange to be missing the steadfast, certain, reliability of E3. Anyway. What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on.

Alice Bee
I'm playing Firework, a 2D horror puzzle game that's actually really putting the creeps up me. It's not complex, but its effective. The characters all look like cute little anime dolls or something. This kind of makes it worse.

I'm mostly out hiking and swimming this weekend, though with leftover time I wish to also do it in the game. I'm playing Fallout 4, apparently six years after it came out, though I hardly believe it was that long ago. 2018 at latest. I like the idea of bootstrapping settlements but the reality is a bit of a bummer. The building interface is terrible, everything is underexplained, and it requires so much time schlepping salvage back and forth. But I'm trying my damndest to avoid the main quest, so stumbling across sidequests while scavenging desk fans is alright fun.

Going to spend some more time with Eastward, an RPG with serious heart. It's paced a bit oddly, but I like that it's not afraid to ditch story progression for chill, character-building moments. Otherwise, I'd like to go on some walks now that covid has fully flushed out of my system.

It turns out that XCOM games are quite long, so I expect there'll be plenty more shooting aliens and tactical grenade throws over the weekend. I feel like playing through every XCOM game might've been a bigger undertaking than I originally thought. I've also got to start fresh in Project Zomboid after a pesky horde killed my character on what should've been a routine scavenging trip. I won't let my guard down this time, not even for a second.

Aiming at a Muton in an XCOM: Enemy Unknown screenshot.
Mate I know that enemy, it's a Muton.

I tried early-accessing The Anacrusis on Thursday, but only managed a single mission before connection problems called it an early night. Hopefully it's more stable this weekend because blasting funky fish aliens on a 70s spaceship is as much of a laugh as it sounds.

I never actually played God Of War when it first came out on PlayStation in the before times back in 2018, so I'm going to be shouting "BOY!" a lot this weekend as I finally delve into Sony's freshly enhanced dadventure.

I'm planning to spend most of my free time this weekend coding rather than gaming. If I do play much, I imagine it'll just be a few rounds of Super Auto Pets. I recently bought the second pack of animals but haven't played with it yet, so perhaps this weekend is the time to dive in and discover all the wonderful new sentences that inevitably form when I start explaining my latest run to friends and family.

I'm still absolutely glutting myself on Ace Attorney whenever I have some free time, and I'm fast closing in on the point where I'll overtake my past playthroughs and move on to some new cases. Delving into our most-played games on Steam this week reminded me that I'm also midway through a run on Max Gentlemen Sexy Business, and excitingly I think I'm just one district away from finally seeing the end of the story. (But not the "true ending", according to the achievements. Can't wait to find out what that's about.)

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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