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What are we all playing this weekend?


My sympathies to everyone taken by the Fool's Spring, who is now finding their hopes crushed by Second Winter. But consider it an opportunity: see some snow while you still can, and burrow back down into your blanket nest with a hot cup of cocoa before it's too late. And this is, of course, an ideal period to play video games. What are you playing this weekend?

Alice Bee
This weekend I am going to try to finish Death's Door. I'm too risk averse in that game now, so I haven't been exploring much and still only have four health and four ranged attacks. Eight straight hours trying to beat the end boss, here I come!

I'm heading for a snowy Highlands hike this weekend! Beyond that, those giant XCOM 2 discounts have made me finally pick up the final wee DLC and given me urges to start a new campaign. It's been far too long.

Once I've finally finished Eastward, I'll likely move onto another massive JRPG Final Fantasy VIII. I plan on finishing it in five years. Might give OlliOlli World a go too, if I feel like moving on from one grind to another.

This weekend, I'm going to live the dream and run a CCG shop in Kardboard Kings. I only really care about filling that card binder with shinies, though, which makes me an awful business owner. Make a profit? Nah, let me open more boosters and slap those pristine mint-condition cards into my folder before the customers get a look. Oh no, now I want to order a Pokémon TCG booster box.

Gnarly card art in a Kardboard Kings: Card Shop Simulator screenshot.
I had not expect the card art in Kardboard Kings to go so hard.

I'll be playing all manner of games on a device I can't talk about, a certain portable PC that's under review embargo, which I absolutely cannot describe in detail. Buuuuut is pretty obviously the Steam Deck.

I have paused Dad Of War in favour of a bit of Deathloop this week, and cor, what a corker that game is, eh? Like Outer Wilds, but in slow motion and with a bit of breathing time to actually think about stuff without getting swallowed by the sun every 20 minutes. I'm enjoying it a lot. Having played Dishonored 2 as a paranoid quick-loader in pursuit of those elusive Shadow and Clean Hands achievements, I'm finding it's actually very refreshing to mess up and engage with the action a bit more this time. I always meant to do a Corvo run in Dishonored 2 that was as bloody as possible, but never did. Now, I'm finally getting to live out that fantasy. More please!

It's all about OlliOlli World for me this weekend. I've barely scratched the surface so far, but I adore the overhauled visual style and I'm delighted that the mechanical purity of its predecessor remains intact. I'm going to kickflip my way into the afterlife before performing a pop shove it in front of God, which is legitimately the goal of the game. It's my kind of nonsense.

I'm in love with the new Apex Legends game mode, Control. It's quick, it's silly, it's flawed in some respects, but it's absolutely the best way to get back into the swing of things after several weeks of playing other games. I hope it becomes a permanent game mode.

This weekend I plan to go hunting for easter eggs pointing towards future entries in The Dark Pictures Anthology.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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