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What are we all playing this weekend?


Internet's exciting this week. Reminds me of being on some video game forum in the early noughties where a moderator absolutely flips their nut and everyone runs around pulling pranks and engaging in tomfoolery, then the bans start flowing. What a weird chaotic energy. Honestly, if there had been any hint of doubt around Elon Musk, he wouldn't have played such a prominent role in my cyberpunk novel about teens saving the world with NFTs. How could I have known, those six long months ago. Wow. Egg on my face. On all our faces.

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Alice Bee
I got a Steam Deck! Which means I might be able to be very bad at Elden Ring but while lying in bed, which is a real game changer for me.

I'm catsitting this weekend so all I'm able to play is Super Auto Pets on my phone. And then I pet the pet. I'm super at it. Basically do it automatically.

It’s more shuttling children to pantomime rehearsals for me this weekend. I think we have to pick up a free tree from the local council too? Now that Return To Monkey Island is on PC Game Pass though, I'm hoping to get a chance to play that for a bit. While sat next to my free tree and a child dressed like a goose, obvs.

This weekend will lack a lot of gaming, I'm afraid. It's the first of four county weekends, which means that I'll spend my entire Saturday in a sports hall playing badminton and eating bananas again. It'll be fun, as it's nice to play different folks outside the usual club circuit and you can't beat a day of jolly co-operation. My Sunday will entail recovery and possible Vampire Survivors, as it's a great game for guaranteed action even if your energy levels are low.

I've booked a long weekend off to enjoy God Of War Ragnarok, so I'll be busy bouncing between realms, punching holes in chests (both body and treasure), and going "ooooooh" when I feel those DualSense adaptive triggers kick in. It's somehow been two years since the PS5 came out, but the pure joy of feeling the *THUNK* when I do something weighty still hasn't worn off.

A car approaches a suspension bridge where a dragon sits atop in a Titan Chaser screenshot.
I also bought Titan Chaser on Steam then forgot about it, whoops

I just remembered that I never finished Titan Chaser, despite (or maybe because of) a perfectly contented session in which I simply sat in my parked car listening to an entire radio play of Dickens' The Signalman. I should probably get on that.

I'm still racing to finish God Of War so I don't have Ragnarok spoiled up the wazoo for me, but I fear it's only a matter of time before something sneaks into view, so I need to get my skates on!

For the first time in ages I actually have an entirely free weekend that I'm planning to devote to playing games. Usually when I type up these paragraphs they're based on hope rather then fact, but this time I can say for certain that the games I'm writing about are the same ones I'm actually going to play. The first is – shock – God Of War Ragnarok. My partner and I played through the first one towards the end of last year and absolutely adored it. We're both very excited to go on another adventure with God Dad and Sulky Son. It helps that first-party Sony stuff works really well as a pass-the-pad game. Also: it's a big-budget PS5 game! What a treat! My second game is – you guessed it – Persona 5. I'm making slow progress but enjoying picking away at it, regardless. 12 hours in and I still feel like I'm in the tutorial. I will finish this game. I will. I will.

is away!

I'm dedicating my entire weekend to Pentiment, Obsidian's medieval murder mystery. I've never played as a 16th-century detective before, so this should be good. Look out for my review on the site next week.

I've had the opportunity to write about a lot of my favourite games recently, which is great, but as an unfortunate side-effect, it's been kind of numbing my enthusiasm for gaming as a downtime activity. I think I need to pick a game that's just going to be for me for a while, you know? Nothing I've ever mentioned on the site before, ideally. Which regrettably means I can't really tell you what I'm playing this weekend... (Don't worry though, it'll almost certainly be a Nintendo title, you're not missing a recommendation for some hidden gem on PC!)

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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