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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


Remember: the days are getting longer. Each day, we're picking up another three minutes of daylight, and mercy me they're all welcome! Hang in there, I'm saying. Treat yourself to a little video game fun this weekend, if you fancy. Here's what we'll be clicking and tapping away at:

Adam: I'm playing the XCOM 2 preview build again. Because it's right here on my hard drive and it is delicious and it is all mine. There should also be time for some Offworld Trading Company, which I've been meaning to play for a good while and finally installed yesterday.
Alec: I'm still totally going to play Undertale and Life Is Strange, honest I am, honest. They remain my biggest blind spots from 2015, and I feel guilty every time I play any other game instead. Though, that said, I'm also arranging for Adam to be abducted and then will catch a train to Manchester so I can play the IP-locked XCOM 2 preview code on his PC. Damn his eyes for replying to emails from 2K before I could.
Alice: I shall be playing Go Up Hills In The Snow And Maybe Slide Down Or Fall Over Or Die Or Whatever, Whatever. It's an exciting new game released this week by Snow Over Scotland, and should be at its best after a refresh on Sunday. Look at this webcam and those lovely snowy hills (well, they're snowy as I write this on Friday). I intend to fall over somewhere around there during snowfall. Not on the webcam. That'd be crass.
Graham: I still haven't played Pony Island, and now I'm thinking of trying Tharsis. In a likelihood I won't play either however, and will instead noodle with different games on my phone instead. Because I can play on my phone while lying down.
John: [Where did John's adventures take him last weekend? Reader 'Shiloh' caught wind of him: "I was watching a live link up with Mervyn's lad, you know, astronaut Tim, up there in the ISS, and I thought I spied John outside one of the portholes, tapping on the window to be let back in, promising that he'd never do it again – it was the reconstituted sprouts' fault..." Where is he now? You tell me!]
Philippa: I am toying with not playing anything this weekend. I've had some good Dota games and have been enjoying watching the various League of Legends seasons starting up again the last few days. But, faced with a full two days of weekend, I'd rather read the book I started ages ago, catch up on some storytelling podcasts and see some of my London friends.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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