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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


Weekend? I hardly gameend! No? No. Look, it's the end of the week, and I'm running low on ha-ha-hilarious jokes. You get my best material, you know that? I know, I'm sorry too. Part of me still wants to torment the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year with a performance of My Indie Games Joke. It begins "Do you know why they call them indie games?" then the answer continues until I get bored or the jokee walks off. You'll have to come see my show to find out the ha-ha-hilarious conclusion. I think 20 minutes is the record. Anyway, tell us: what are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're playing!

Adam: Loads and loads and loads of lovely horrible Devil Daggers. Unless I'm not above Graham and Alice on the leaderboards by Monday morning, in which case I DIDN'T FIND TIME TO PLAY IT AT ALL, ALRIGHT?
Alec: I've got spacey survival adventure The Solus Project and Valve-approved Half-life 2 fanpaign Prospekt installed and calling out to me, although post-Firewatch the urge to escape to a forest is currently shouting louder than anything else. Unfortunately this is miserable Britain in miserable February, so I should ignore that particular clarion call.
Alice: Goodness me! Everything? All the games? I'm at the final mission of XCOM 2, I think, and want to tidy up a few loose ends before that. I'm very keen to see where trippy, reality-crossing first-person explorer Californium ends up. I haven't even touched Firewatch yet. And I think I'm starting to do okay at Devil Daggers, but still have a lot to learn. What a fine time for games!
Graham: I'll be playing Devil Daggers, trying desperately to keep Adam's times just slightly behind my own. Failing that I'm also thinking about finally giving American Truck Simulator or, even older, Satellite Reign a proper go.
John: [One of our John Walkers is missing. As ever. Was he ever real? I find it suspicious that this week's most John credible sighting is from someone calling themself 'john_silence' who cares not a jot about warping reality:

"I saw John – but he was just a blur of pixels in the tiny rear view mirror of a gigantic motorbike in a concept art sketch for Full Throttle’s upcoming remake. That’s why no one can find him! He is stuck between several layers of the proverbial space-time cake. But so are most adventure games, so I’m sure he and them are playing with each other all day long."]

Philippa: This weekend I will probably try to fit in a bunch of Overwatch so I have have some definite FEELNGS about how it's currently working. At the moment, and from only dipping in and out this week, it feels like the benefits of character swapping aren't a big enough deal. I do really like playing Overwatch but that's their big cool thing and it feels like it's not being taken up by players much in the matches I've had (I'm not swapping much either as there seems to be a general reluctance to play supporty/tanky characters so I'll stick with Zarya or Winston for whole matches to balance that).

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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