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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


Reader dear, I don't know what happened last weekend. The WPWAPWTPWPAYWA?W?A?AAA was... difficult, to be polite. But now things are seemingly back to normal. Bags of flesh and blood and bone claiming to be Pip, Adam, and all that are back and speaking to me and John is nowhere to be seen. Whatever happened, it's definitely over and won't ever happen again and there shall be no gruesome repercussions to any of it. So great, video games! Tell me, what are you playing this weekend?

Adam: I'll be on a plane, heading to GDC, ALL WEEKEND. That's how far away San Francisco is. It's going to take a full weekend to arrive. I'll probably play some games on my phone - I've just started up a new career on MLB Manager, the handheld version of Out of the Park Baseball. The latest release will be out soon so I should have waited but baseball season is so close that I got excited. I might try to sucker the people around me on the flight into a high-stakes game of Poker when we've been in the air for seven or eight hours and the liquor is running out. Pip is sitting next to me so she'll be my first mark.
Alec: I am currently awaiting delivery of A Certain Piece Of Hardware which may or may not involve sending my brain to another dimension. If the nice courier man does indeed show up today, then I shall be tilting brushes and simulating jobs and whale-gazing, and will know at last if The Future is everything it is cracked up to be. I'm a little excited. No, I'm very excited. Question is: how immoral is it to stick a two-year-old in a VR headset?
Alice: I am flying to San Francisco this weekend, though for me GDC is a holiday. Sort of. I'm not there for RPS, anyway. On the plane, I imagine I'll spend five minutes dicking about with the games on my back-of-chair screen, then give up because the latency on them is monstrous and the controllers are awful. Having checked over the in-flight entertainment listing, I think I'll watch Carol, Creed, and Crimson Peak, then spend an awful long time staring out the window at the frozen wastes of Canada, wishing I were down in the deep blue icy pools I see. If you are at GDC, come check out the Mild Rumpus!
Graham: *gasp* *croak* Still... alive... Will play... with... Vive. *clears throat* Sorry, I'm fine. Definitely fine. If I'm not playing with the VR headset, I'll be putting some time into The Division while trying not to feel guilty that I'm not waiting for Adam to return from GDC.
John: [Who could say? Who would know? Who would believe any of it? More than ever, it is important that you all report sightings of John. We need to keep track of him. Maybe future generations or alien visitors will be able to use your data to reconstruct What Happened To Earth.]
Philippa: This weekend I will be playing "being on a plane". I will be playing it co-op with Adam which I'm guessing will be a delight for him because I am a plane cry-er. He will look over as I watch something like Frozen and my face will be a waterfall. I'll probably then get restless and start asking what he's up to and what he's reading and how his book is going and what's happening now and aren't planes exciting and does he think they will be serving lunch soon and what are we flying over right now and will he be finishing that bread roll and why is he asking to switch seats and is he coming back...

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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