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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

The Easter holiday is upon us! As you may have noticed, we're running a reduced service for these four days as we go lark about in the sunshine, chasing rabbits and guzzling the guts from chocolate eggs. Is there time for video games this weekend?


Did I ever tell you about my signature cocktail, reader dear? The Bad Alice (that name's another story). It's a concoction of Baileys and Coke which curdles, foams, and separates into mousse and boozy juice, invented as a punishment for someone who said "Get me anything" when I offered to buy them a drink. Nonspecificity is to be punished, and silence more so. People who don't reply when I ask what they're playing this weekend? We'll have to see what can be done about that.

Adam: Alice knows what I'm playing this weekend and yet she still asks. I'm playing Dark Souls III. It will be my bread, my water and my wine. It will be my Easter Egg. Easter is a time of rebirth and resurrection, but not for me. Not this year. I'm preparing to die.

It's probably worth nothing that, yes, with a game like this I do get slightly anxious that I'm going to struggle to finish it before the review deadline. Wish me luck.

Alec: [Something real naughty, I'm sure.]
Alice: I want to run and jump in this cool Scottish spring, having just returned from the hell that is San Francisco spring, but... TrackMania Turbo just came out, and I'm thinking about Devil Daggers again, and I never did finish Californium. I should've found somewhere to stay away from computers, close to water and hills. Maybe there's still time.
Graham: I will be playing Easter Holiday Simulation, which means I will likely not be playing games. I know! I know! But I'm looking forward to eating food and looking at trees and sleeping instead.
John: [Something extra naughty yeah I guess.]
Philippa: [Playing with matches, I bet - the worst of the worst.]

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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