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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


Look, I know Planet X didn't collide with the Earth last weekend, but we've got until the end of the month so be on your guard. Should you see another Earth loom in the sky, don't panic, don't run, don't cower - no one can save you. Go out with dignity. Stand in an open place, as high as you can, and extend your arm to briefly touch hands with You X - also standing in the open air X, atop a roof X - for a brief moment of friendship and joy and curiosity and love before our worlds collide and grind us all into dust.

Adam: I'll be playing the DOOM open beta. Unless I hate it after the first hour or two. But then I'll still probably play all weekend just to be sure, like that one time I played BloodNet for ages and ages because it had vampires AND cyberstuff in it so how could it possibly be bad?

It was bad. DOOM, hopefully, is not bad. [Erk, this was written before Adam found out -ed.]

Alec: [Who could ever say?]
Alice: I have Doom, Rainbow Six Siege, and Battleborn installed for their various open beta tests and freekends but I know I won't play them. Let me tell you what I'd like this weekend. I wish to lie in a shallow, gentle river at the bottom of a glen, cold stones beneath my back and trees above me. I would like to stay there for two days, simply breathing. That's all. That's what I want.
Graham: [Who could ever know?]
John: This weekend I want to play a bit more Sorcery! 3, because I love it so much. But I also have a pile of recently released ARPG roguelite things I want to take a look at. But I also have to look after the boy. So in the end I'll probably play a lot of Link-a-Pix on my phone, like most weekends.
Philippa: This weekend is a weekend of free games, so obviously I'm going to be out of town and then putting things in boxes instead. I might play a few games of "having a cry" or "eating my own weight in cheeseboards".

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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