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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


Hallo again! That's E3 gone for another year, then. Well, ish. We've written a squillion posts on colourful E3 happenings but our lad Adam has been rushed off his feet out there so expect to read impressions and previews on some hot games later, once he's home and settled. Anyway! What are you playing this weekend? Here are our plans.

Adam: [Adam, as mentioned, is away. After another note from his mum, I agreed that he doesn't need to submit his blurb this week.]
Alec: I'm pretty shaken by recent lethal acts of hate in the world, and as such cannot currently face games which revolve around killing, even though traditionally I've been able to compartmentalise just fine. I've been playing Stalker-meets-Everybody's Gone To The Rapture oddity 35MM, and damn near had to quit when a cutscene in which an NPC kills a bear in self-defence played. So I think it's going to be strict diet of 80 Days, Proteus and American Truck Simulator for me, until such time as I feel vaguely OK again.
Alice: Lawks, what a week! In so many ways. Honestly, my plans for the weekend don't involve games at all. I've been in front of this computer all week and hope to escape to a loch, some hills, or the sea with a bottle of whisky then stare into the distance while taking slow, deep breaths.

By which I mean I will probably play Darkest Dungeon.

Graham: I won't be playing anything this weekend, because I'm leaving the city of Bath after 11 years and moving to a mysterious island. Will the locals ritually burn me alive in a giant wicker man? Fingers crossed.
John: [Tch! Absent without even a note? This will go on your permanent record, young man.]
Philippa: [Right on your very real permanent record, which prospective employers, friends, and partners will all consult and judge you harshly on.]

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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