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What are we all playing this weekend?


As the year nears its end, we're considering the games to celebrate in our advent calendar. For me, this means realising that as much as I thought I'd played some great games this year, there are so many more I've not even touched yet. Which is: 1) exciting; 2) alarming; 3) a lot of games going on my list to play real soon.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

Alice is away.

Alice L

This Saturday I will be incredibly busy getting my entire chest tattooed, so won't be able to play games, and then I've promised my mum I'll be watching Strictly with her, so there's my Saturday. On Sunday however I hope to play some more Skyrim! I'm streaming it at the moment - very intermittently - and keep forgetting where I'm up to. I have definitely just finished the Dark Brotherhood main story, and so now I feel lost in the world. Sorry Astrid. The Dark Brotherhood Astrid, not my fellow vidbud Astrid. I'm sure our Astrid would never turn on her fellow vidbuds.

Alice O

A pal wrote Mutazione so it's weirdly like being near her. I like it.


Astrid has been fired.


Those who know me well know exactly what I'll be playing this weekend. I am undeterred by some of the reviews for it, unphased by the undeserved scorn, and just happy that I can play it. I will be on Pokémon Shield, and will be for some time I think!


This weekend I shall either be playing the new Pokémon or the new Star Wars game, I've decided. It's been a long time since I've taken part in the initial wave of interest in a big mainstream game and I am in the mood for something poppy and slightly dumb.


I'll be blasting off to play some more Advent Calendar contenders this weekend, but I'm still not going to tell you what they are because that would spoil the surprise. I will give you a clue though. I'll be blasting off to play some more Advent Calendar contenders this weekend, because goddamnit this time loop just won't let me escape.


Matt is away.


I'm on the cusp of solving Disco Elysium, and I've done it without betraying by boring centrist values. I better get an achievement for that.


Once again, I spent a lot of this week monstering my way through a big game for review - Age Of Empires 2, in this case - meaning that the weekend after inevitably becomes my chance to actually play it to relax. Think I might get really into it for about four days, then get distracted and come back in a decade to find it's got another eighteen expansions.


Can't talk. Too much Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order-ing to do.


Lately my evenings have consisted of failing to decide which of the three or four games I really want to dig into, and instead re-watching Bojack Horseman to prepare myself emotionally for its last season. I watched Free Churro the other night and inevitable sobbed like a child. So um, probably that again. Although I might fit in some Disco Elysium or Hypnospace Outlaw. Or just revert to more 1001st Hyper Tower. One day, I will make a decision not on a whim. Maybe.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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