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What Are You Playing This Weekend?


Hello, chums! I asked you a question, so answer it. Myself, I have the wonderful Cara staying this weekend so we've been playing fun games of making playlists and, ah, investigating cowls, visors, and glitter. We have our reasons. Games-wise, I'm planning to sneak in more Binding of Isaac: Rebirth when I have a moment.

Now 74 hours in, I've recently unlocked the D6 as Isaac's starting item. This reusable doodad rerolls every item dropped in the current room, giving you a second chance at cool loot. It's a "You can ruddy do one, Random Number Generator" button. It's unlocked through a relatively tricky challenge of getting a deep way into the game with a character who's kinda pants, which demonstrates fair mastery of rolling with the RNG, and then at that point the game concedes "Yeah, okay, go on, you can go mess about now." I have been messing about with it. It's pretty great. I've still got a lot more to unlock, though. I've got to unlock the final two bosses, for starters.

I had a lovely swim in dear Kenwood Ladies' Pond this morning too. The water temperature's gone up 1.5 degrees to a positively steamy 5.5C. It is my favourite place.

But that's enough filler from me: what are you up to?

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