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What Are You Playing This Weekend?


Good morning, readers. Grab yourself a cup of tea, consider doing up your dressing gown so its slightly less obvious that you're sat around in your underwear, and steel yourself for another weekend of gaming.

Me, I've been thinking about MOBAs of late. Or "lords management games", the alternate Idle Thumbs moniker, which I sometimes prefer because I constantly forget what MOBA stands for.

It's not just me with MOBAs on the mind, I'm sure, what with both Namco and Games Workshop notably hopping on the bandwagon. Plus Dota 2 recently topped one million consecutive players (still well behind League of Legends at 7.5m, but well done all the same). Blah, blah, blah. MOBAs are everywhere and, Dote Night aside, I don't know a darned thing about them.

With the exception of Awesomenauts - depending on how you look at it either a fun action platformer take on MOBAs or "baby's first MOBA" - I've never played anything in the genre before. As gaps in your experience go, this is a pretty big one. I've watched Valve's Free To Play but it doesn't exactly plug that hole. So I'm slowly learning the ropes with Dota 2 - mainly because it was the easiest to install.

You may all mock me now, if you wish. I did play StarCraft and WarCraft way back in the day, but because I'm not cool I just played the campaigns over and over again, and never delved into the modding scene to discover all the creativity and invention rife within. Boo. Got your back though, single player purists.

So that'll be me for at least some of the weekend. Otherwise, boy do I need to get back to my game of Xenonauts. I've not touched it in about five months. I'd just captured my first alien base with no casualties, meaning I felt pretty proud of myself, meaning an inevitable fall was imminent. That's the way these tactical games with names beginning "X" tend to go.

So how about you? What are you playing and why? Or, this week's bonus question: what do you feel you should have played by now, but haven't?

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