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What Are You Playing This Weekend?


Monday is a holiday in the green and pleasant land the RPS rocketship crashed into. While we won't be pumping out posts then, we do have a little lined up to tide you over.

Me, I'm excited that this will give me enough free time to finally start on The Witcher 3. I managed to squeeze Episode 3 of Life Is Strange into an evening (oh my gosh it is so good - I think we'll be talking more about this soon) but my game time has been a bit limited lately. So it'll be Monsterhunting Monday for me.

I'll also make room for Mad Max: Fury Road because goodness me I am excited to see that film! Now spring's in full swing, most of my evenings are spent at the swimming pond - probably too many - and I fall behind on games and films, though I do read a lot more in all the time on trains there and back. I did find time to see Pitch Perfect 2 with friends and it's pretty fun but... yeah, Fury Road would've been my higher priority without pals prodding.

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