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What Is Section 8?

Timegate Studios, they of Kohan II and the most recent F.E.A.R. expansion, are working on a brand new FPS. It's called Section 8, it's entirely their own IP, and they're very, very excited about it. Should we share in their enthusiasm?

"We don't want to make a Crysis killer... we don't want to make a Halo killer. What we want to do is make Section 8, our universe, and when you enter it, you love it, you don't want to leave it."

"This is going to be a multiplayer FPS like none other. The experience is different each time you play."

"We're trying to make a game where the predictability of other FPS games is thrown out the window.

"We're all cynical gamers at heart, and when you see something new come along, touting how great it is, it's very tough to believe it without getting your hands on it. I promise you you're going to see some stuff that you've never seen before."

Woo! Except... they're not actually saying anything about what, exactly, is so exciting yet. Big space-men with big space-guns is about the only scraping from the fact-hide so far. Gonna need more than that, chaps. From the scant amount of information available, my mind does leap optimistically to Planetside as a touchstone, but if their talk of innovation rings true, any frame of reference I can come up with is presumably way off-base.

Next big thing or hype machine in overdrive? You decide...

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And here's a posey trailer:

This article contained embedded media which can no longer be displayed.

Thanks, Gametrailers. But not for the Meet The Team video, which we had to go to a different website for because the framerate on yours is all messed up. Complacency will lose you our love.

More information, including a plot synopsis and more talk of players "dynamically altering the flow of combat as they see fit" at the official site. Big talk, Timegate. Show us that you mean it, and we'll duly start gibbering excitedly here.

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