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What is the best video game weapon of all time? Help RPS decide at PAX East 2019

Time to settle this debate once and for all.

It's a debate that has raged since the dawn of time: what is the best weapon in the whole of PC gaming? Some (i.e: those who are correct) say it's Doom's Super Shotgun. Others passionately defend Half-Life 2's Gravity Gun. However, you'll also find plenty of people who will go to bat for Portal's Portal Gun or Quake's Railgun, while others still might argue that the Hidden Blade from Assassin's Creed is more deserving of the title, or maybe even Final Fantasy VIII's Gunblade (because, come on, it's a sword and a gun at the same time).

All are excellent choices. But to help settle this question once and for all, come and join us at PAX East 2019 where we'll be pitting some of our favourite video game weapons against each other to find out which one is truly the bestest best weapon of all time.

Officially titled RPS Presents: The Ultimate Weapon Battle Royale, our very own Katharine Castle will be leading the debate along with Kitfox Games co-founder Tanya X. Short (whose team is currently working on hack-and-slash weapon-dating sim Boyfriend Dungeon), Brace Yourself Games' lead designer Andy Nguyen (who's heading up development on the city-building war'em up Industries of Titan), and fellow weapon lover and VG247 deputy editor Kirk McKeand.

We'll each be making a case for why our own personal recommendations should be crowned the ultimate video game weapon, but it will be up PAX East attendees to decide which one gets voted through to become the overall champion. Because what kind of battle royale would it be without some ruthless audience participation?

So if you're heading to PAX East this year, which takes place between March 28-31st 2019, then make sure you head to the Arachnid Theatre on Thursday March 28 at 6pm and bag yourself a seat for this roller coaster celebration of the best weapons in PC gaming. Tickets are on sale now.

And in the mean time, why not get yourself in the mood by listening to Brendan, Alice B and Matthew talk about their favourite video game guns over on the RPS podcast?

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