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What Remains Of Edith Finch's house rebuilt in The Sims 4 is wild


As an inadvertent cowboy builder whose Sims face a much greater risk from incompetence than malice, I am in awe of players who manage to build beautiful homes. Case in point, YouTuber Jess Harts has built a recreation of the sprawling, unreal family home from What Remains Of Edith Finch inside The Sims 4. Yes, the house that has a different style for every family member. The one riddled with secret passages. The one that's more metaphor than building. She's built that. All of that. In fourteen hours. It looks: wild. Come gawk at the sped-up building process.


Though I suppose I haven't seen signs of life in that house so who's to say her recreation of an unreal house is any safer than the tumbledown shacks I cough up?

The video does explain much of Edith's plot so if you've still not got around to it, be wary? Or mute it. Or just play it, for goodness' sake. Read our glowing What Remains Of Edith Finch review if you need convincing.

Jess Harts says she's planning to upload a video tour of the house to her YouTube channel "in only a few days" so there's something to look forward to. She's already speedbuilt a load of other cool houses too. I am in awe.

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