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What The Golf? is getting a free update with 50 new levels to golf holes in

And approximately 1000 new holes

Unorthodox non-sporting game What The Golf? is hitting the green again and bringing a heck of a lot more holes. An upcoming free update is adding 50 new levels and approximately 1000 new holes. The A Hole New World update has already launched on the Apple Arcade and is coming to PC and Switch versions "in the next few weeks," the developers say.

"Holes? In golf? We thought they would be a nice addition to the game so we added about a thousand of them (more or less)," Triband say. "Enjoy lots of hole-some new levels that are all about holes. You can even golf a hole!"

I'm not sure my brain can process what "golf a hole" means, but I'm betting it's in this here A Hole New World trailer.

Is it the cannon that shoots holes? Is that how you do the verb "to golf" on the object "hole"? There's lots of other golf-less holing going on, it appears. There even looks to be a lot of Donut County-style object vacuuming via hole.

There's more than just new levels coming in the update, Triband say. There's also a new campaign, levels from the original game "now with holes", and more music tracks.

As for that final 1000 hole count, Triband say "this is an approximation. The exact number of holes may never be known." I'm going to blame the hole cannon again, I think.

I've yet to play What The Golf? myself, as I was pretty sure my disinterest in golf would extend even to a game by people who also don't like golf. I sure do like Donut County though. Perhaps I'll try golfing a hole finally.

What The Golf? took the win for Best Mobile Game (though of course it's also on PC) at GDC last year. It also has a level editor as of last year if you want to design your own non-golfing challenges.

Triband say that the free update will be arriving for PC players "in the next few weeks" though they've not mentioned a specific date just yet.

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