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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

Alice is away moonlighting as a chiptune DJ this week, as well as nobly helping to fill her local public swimming pond with cement in order that it might become a skate park. Hence, it falls to me to pose the question eternal. What the dickens are you going to play this weekend? Pretty sure I can take a good guess, if I'm honest. Here's what Team RPS is up to. Pretty sure you can take a good guess, if I'm honest.

Adam: ["Hidden Movement for Mr Smith, I'm afraid. After excessive exposure to slow-paced strategy games, Adam has now himself become turn-based, and as such only appears on the site every other week.]
Alec: "I cannot in good conscience offer any opinions here on the latest release from Hello Games, as I wound up doing a bit of writing for the project late in development. I will, however, be playing the thing this weekend, with the primary intention of seeing how many of my lines made it in and how cringe-worthy they are in context. I've also got a backlog of STALKER mods I keep meaning to investigate."
Alice: [Alice is too busy making a Mario-themed Ultra-HD graphics mod with maximum texture filtering for Quake to supply her entry this week.]
Graham: "I will, if I play anything, be playing either No Man's Sky or Abzu. Both seem to come with caveats but I'm convinced enough by their colourful screenshots to want to spend time at least dicking around with them. If they can give me an excuse to take some pretty screenshots then they will likely satisfy."
John: "This weekend I shall be playing No Man's Sky and only No Man's Sky, in order that you can know whether you should spend your money and time on No Man's Sky. There is nothing but No Man's Sky. No food. No family. Just concentrated investigative games journalismising all 18 quintillion planets. No Man's Sky."
Philippa: "This weekend I will be playing the game of trying to work out if I've dyed my hair properly or not at the back using a system of mirrors. I've gone for colouring the under-layer as I wanted to keep a bunch of my natural colour too but it's impossible to tell if it's entirely as I wanted it without the ability to switch to third-person view."

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

Disclaimer: I wrote some stuff for No Man's Sky and so will not discuss the game on RPS myself. The words about it quoted above are those of my colleagues, but please seek other compilations of what games journalists are playing this weekend if you are concerned.

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