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What are we all playing this weekend?


This is not Halloween weekend. The weekend closest to Halloween before going over, sure. Not Halloween weekend. But it is a viable Halloween weekend. Next Saturday will be November 2nd, by which point all fake blood will be swept from store shelves and replaced by Advent calendars. If you need to hastily assemble a Halloween costume next weekend, the shops will not help you unless you're going as the Grinch. But why quibble over which weekend is Halloween weekend? Why not celebrate two Goth Christmases? Solved.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

This weekend is the first time I'll be able to not do anything since EGX. Buuuuut I do keep coming back to the 'just one more!' of Noita. I am bewitched!

Alice L

This weekend I'll be playing some Frostpunk, probably. I miss mismanaging a whole civilisation. It's good fun. I'm back visiting my dad this weekend though so I'll most likely be playing more of that honkin' good goose game on my Switch. Sorry.

Alice O

I plan to play something spoOoky but am not sure what. Stigmatized Property just hit Steam and I sorely hope it's not a jumpscare 'em up. Just let me wander miserable apartments, thank you.


This weekend, I'll finally be continuing to play Disco Elysium from where I left off while making my video on it. I've heard, thanks to Night In The Woods developer Scott Benson, that there's this bit where you can continually nod in agreement at your partner until your neck cracks and you take damage. I cannot tell you how excited I am to die via nodding.


I'm finally taking my first steps in The Outer Worlds and I've already hit a dilemma not an hour in. There was a little robot friend named Jeremy that I fixed up and wanted to protect, and he only went and dove head-first into some steam vents. If only I was faster. Jeremy... Wait! If I reload an earlier save, clear the way before Jeremy walks into the vents, then he might survive! But is that cheating? Save-scumming if you will? Would you think less of me? I suppose you would... Rest in peace little robot friend.


Graham is on holiday.


I will probably be playing more Mutazione. I started it during the week and find its chilled out vibes very good for the soul.


My internet is back, just in time for me to check out "The Big" Dota Underlords update. Or, more likely, ignore it and go back to binging on Apex Legends and Mordhau. I've hardly slept all week and it's hard to imagine feeling tactical.


I was hoping to play Call Of Duty, but imagine it'll be downloading all weekend. 175GB! Pray for me.


Some of you might remember I set up a Minecraft server a while ago, where Astrid built a caravan, Brendy made a frightening pit, and Sin got disgruntled at gentrification. Well, it picked up a lot of new players this month, and has... descended into a sort of hellish Shrek larp?The deep lore of the server is hard to explain, but suffice to say I'm going to spend Saturday afternoon creating an elaborate Halloween dungeon run for the players, as they attempt to banish Gak the Ant-Faced God, recently awoken by Shrek. All very sensible.


Ollie is away.


AI War 2, I expect. I should also be preparing for visitors or something for my time off next week, but my room is in such a state I will likely be too ashamed to have anyone over. Plus I think normal people actually plan their weekends in advance instead of just kinda doing stuff whenever they have the energy for it? I do not know.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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