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What are we all playing this weekend?


Though I'd swear blind it's Wednesday at latest, apparently this is Saturday? Suspicious.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

Currently I am between a rock and a hard place, where one rock is The Witcher 3 and the other is The Sims 4. I think this weekend I am probably leaning towards the Sims, because I have to destroy Graham in a building competition. We have no such contest over being Geralt of Rivia.

Alice L

I'm away for most of this weekend, but I will be dipping my toes into Among Ripples, and opening The White Door. Or so I'll try.


I've reinstalled Syndicate (the Starbreeze FPS) out of a doomed desire to revisit the co-op - which I still swear is fun. No one is playing. Trying to finish four-player missions by myself is not going great. But I can see my legs when I look down and shout at cyberjerks and slide around and have a big chunky shotgun and fire a sniper side-scoped and welp, pity me.


I was playing Fallout: New Vegas with some shiny Christmas mods over the holidays, and I'm still playing it into this weekend. I've switched out the Christmas mods for some different ones, though. Mostly shiny new textures, but also some that add weapons and equipment from the old-school top-down Fallout games, and an even more hardcore survival mode. This does mean that I keep dying, a lot. Ain't that a kick in the head?


This weekend is going to be rather busy, but I'm hoping to find some time to hunt a few monsters in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, as well as give our Can't Stop Playing game of the month, Wildermyth a fair shot. I played a game of it earlier this week, but managed to soft-lock it. If time is short, a Dicey Dungeons run or two may also happen.


I'm not going to play any games this weekend, sorry. Instead I will be building a scale model of a Gundam mech. This is the result of getting Amazon vouchers for Christmas and pledging not to spend it on wet wipes to use on my kid's bum, and so spending a week clicking on things and going, "What do I like? Who am I? What's a hobby?" Full Dad, basically.


A bunch of games I'm into got event updates of some kind this week, but the one I know I'll end up playing the longest is Sea Of Thieves. I'll also dive into Overwatch at some point because I'm a sucker for those pretty Lunar New Year skins, and there may even be a light sprinkling of Apex Legends thrown in somewhere as well (because no matter what Matt says I think the new game modes look cool).


Today's the day. At long last, I'm going to play Disco Elysium, mostly so I can finally join in all the conversations Matthew's been having with assorted friends over the last few weeks that I've had to sing very loudly over for fear of spoilers, but also because I've been wanting to play it for ages and never quite found the time to do so before Christmas. Time to bring on the disco, baby!


I am slave to Slay The Spire once again, thanks to the Watcher now being properly out. I like how she leans into broken combos even more than previous characters, but it's also easier than ever to fall flat on your face.


I've been playing Doom (2016) to refamiliarise myself with it for some upcoming Doom Eternal words. Even with only a little bit of time with the newer game I'm finding myself reaching for moves that didn't exist in 2016, and it's messing with my combat acrobatics. Also trying to sniff out more secrets - a part of the game I've never really understood. It's all blistering pace one second, and achingly slow crevice hunting the next. Is there anyone who gets off on both?


I'm on holiday from tomorrow! Admittedly, a holiday to finish a book in, but I'll cook my head if I don't do something other than write. Clearly there's a lot of games on my to-play list, but they're all connected with stuff I want to write, so they're work. In which case, I might surprise myself and revert to PS4 for a week. There's this one game with robot dinosaurs that feels mighty tempting to return to just now.


Ollie is away.


Y'know, I'm not even sure. Two days of effort in the aggravating, needlessly opaque Space Engineers finally resulted in a functional space buggy last week, and I've not played anything at home since. So I'll probably continue the infinitely long process of escaping the featureless planet I started on so I can find out whether it will let me do the thing I installed it for in the first place. In the meantime, hey, purple space buggy.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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