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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


After several months, this week is finally ending. For me, anyway. Apols. if you work weekends and these relentless "Enjoy the weekend funtimes, weekend gang! Let's have all the fun with our funkends!" posts are a giant spectral hand rubbing its knuckles across your scalp every week. But for simplicity's sake, I'll ask: what are you playing this weekend? Here's what the RPS Chumtime Funend Gamegang are clicking on.

Adam: Dishonored 2. I'm writing this late on Friday and I think I'm just about coming to the end of my first playthrough, in which I've tried to be a non-lethal Emily. It's mostly gone to plan, though there have been some casualties along the way. Enough to fill a very small morgue. Somebody should make a stealth game in which you have to walk through a morgue containing all of the people you killed at the end, and then a lovely house with big fluffy beds containing all of the people you knocked unconscious, snoring happily.
Alec: [Alec has been fired.]
Alice: The new Thumper update has reminded me I never did finish it. Though given that it drove Alec close to murder I'm not sure I'm safe to. Also Dishonored? I hear that is out. I've still got Deadly Premonition on the go too but it's near the point where events accelerate and... breaks my heart every time.
Brendan: As far as Dishonored 2 goes, I'm one of the damned ones. It's a stuttering wreck and no matter how I goad the settings or fiddle with the cogs, everything still looks as if Emily has forgotten to take her glasses with her to Karnaca. So I'm holding off until a patch is released. Until then, I've been prompted by news of Even the Ocean's release to check out Anodyne, the previous surreal-em-up from the same creators. It's something I had missed before and it's pretty good so far. It has a good frame rate.
Graham: [Graham has been fired.]
John: [John has been fired.]
Philippa: This weekend I will be playing "getting over a cold". It's a really boring game so I might also try to fit in some Dishonored 2 as well. I'm feeling pretty restless with gaming in general, though so everything gets interspersed with novels or walks anyway. A grab bag of activity, then.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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