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What are we all playing this weekend?


NotE3 resumes this weekend with both Ubisoft and Devolver Digital hosting their own announce-o-blast streams. Six weeks into whatever the hell we're calling this summer games marketing-o-rama, man, I miss E3. Bring back E3. While I've expressed some frustrations with it over the years, I didn't realise the alternative was an endless sprawl of endless streams largely showing the same games over and over. At least DD and Ubi will have new stuff.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

The mass of fun new mods over the past couple of weeks has fully lured me back into Stardew Valley. I am also, of course, still pressing forward with my plan to turn the whole place into a battery chicken farm.


I need to get up early to swim and take my bike in for repairs then stay up late to post about announcements on the Devolver and Ubisoft notE3 streams, but between all that I hope to spend the day in bed napping and playing Persona 4 on my phone via Steam Link. They really should invent some sort of handheld gaming device for games like Persona 4, would be ideal imho.


Because of Ubisoft Forward, I'm not sure I'll do much video game playing this weekend. Need to prep, don't I, because young Matthew Castle and I will be talking about all the unreleased Ubi games on the RPS YouTube Channel, on Sunday evening. You should watch that just to see how sad I'll be when there's no Splinter Cell news.


This weekend is probably going to be doing more stuff in the new house, but I did manage to set up my GameCube up in the corner of my new lounge. I made the fatal mistake of popping in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and I'm hopelessly hooked all over again. I have also been playing a fair bit of Telling Lies and Burnout Paradise Remastered, so will continue with those too.


Steam recommended Northgard to me, as it has done a million times before, and suddenly a satisfyingly familiar RTS with a handful of new ideas seemed like exactly what I needed. So I'll be giving that a go this weekend, in among Spelunky daily runs.


Imogen is ? ? ?


I'll be continuing my journey to the bottom of the sea in Beyond Blue this weekend. It's a very chill game that has some very nice fish and whales in it, and for some reason I just can't stop scanning everything that swishes in front of my scuba goggles. It is very addictive, yet soothing. Perfect weekend fodder.


Matt is away.


I did a couple of lengthy Baldur's Gate 3 interviews on the video channel this week and it's got me hankering to return to Divinity: Original Sin 2 to kill the time to BG3 early access. Will be interesting to apply all I learned from 82 episodes of let's plays into my own playthrough. Maybe not rely solely on the incarnate to do all the heavy lifting.


You know what? I'm not gonna play anything this weekend. I'm going to spend it all tending to my rapidly expanding collection of aquatic plants, which are of course nature's PC games. See you next week nerds.


Trackmania has only been out for a few days and I'm already seeing ghost cars and Nadeo medals when I close my eyes. It's great.


After seven years of distractions, including a full year of having a thing the PR people sent on my desk, untouched, I finally found time to try out Arma 3. I am largely indifferent to the official campaigns, and have spent much of this week browsing its many player-made sandboxy missions and maps and modes. My 3-man guerrilla ambush team have killed 11-13 fascists, taking great risks to go back and finish off the wounded, making the world a slightly better place each time. So I'll be doing more of that.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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