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What are we all playing this weekend?


This is almost it. Another few days and we'll be barreling into December. Time for advent calendars, scarves, gloves, and mulled Irn-Bru. I'll be trying to cope with the December news dearth by serving up old posts mulled. Cloves, star anise, cinnamon, and a nip of brandy and you'll never know that Deus Ex patch post has been in the cupboard since July.

Adam: Planet Coaster and then some more Planet Coaster. I haven't managed to do a great deal yet and The Last Resort is a bit tatty because I'm refusing to download too many community creations, but I reckon I'll snap sometime this evening and just download an entire park that someone more caring than me has built, and then watch it work.
Alec: I'm going to play Burly Men at Sea, because I'm afraid that if someone else on RPS doesn't play it soon, Pip may skin alls our cats/dogs/babies/Caras in bloody retribution. I might also finally play Dishonored 2 now that I actually can, although even the merest idea of the game now gives me awful flashbacks to weeping at video settings screens.
Alice: I'm still enjoying my return to The Binding of Isaac. I'd come to knock off some unlocks in preparation for the next expansion but heck, I'm away from that goal-driven play and just barreling through for funsies. It's nice to discover my knowledge is still intact, remembering weird and useful interactions and opportunities, even if my fingers are slower. Maybe, one day, luck will let me get the item to unlock its secret character at a point where I can actually use it. Oh! And Islands!
Brendan: I've been dragged back into Overwatch, thanks to its new IT support character, Sombra, and silly new game modes, so maybe that. But I've also found myself wandering blizzard-stricken New York again in The Division because of the new Survival mode. Last night I was killed by a fellow player, who shot me as I was distracted by rioters then came up behind me as I lay dying and punched me in the back of the head. I <3 New York.
Graham: This weekend I am considering blowing the dust off my Vive, clearing some floor space, and trying out Google Earth VR. It was one of the first VR demos I ever tried and it was incredible for the two earthly locations I was able to visit. Being able to pop up anywhere on the globe sounds like a dream. (And like a dream my time with it will end after 20 minutes and I'll have forgotten it within a couple hours).
John: This weekend I have been left in charge of my son, all alone. Within half an hour of my wife leaving I'd accidentally taught him the f-word. Where's my No. 1 Dad mug? So there shall not be time for playing any games, but for sneaking in bits of work during naps etc. Sorry.
Philippa: This weekend I was going to bake a gingerbread house. It will have boiled sweet windows which will be nice before I remember I don't like gingerbread houses. That is Sunday's problem. Also it means that I can spend Saturday telling my mother I'm now on the property ladder without technically lying. It will be a gingerbread ladder.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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