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What are we all playing this May Day weekend?


Another long weekend is here! Monday is May Day, so we'll all be off dancing around maypoles and getting ourselves burned in giant wicker men. I hope I get to go in the arm with the geese; those honky lads love a bit of a banter. Those of us who survive the festivities will return on Tuesday.

Until then, what are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on.

Adam: Flinthook. Lovely lovely Flinthook. Jolly, pleasant, beautiful, tough, weird Flinthook.
Alec: I am playing a five-hour train journey with a three year old, aka '"three back to back viewings of The Lion King after attempts at distraction with a colouring magazine end in ripped up pages and screaming". In the event she falls asleep, I have Dawn of War III on my laptop. Pray for me, friends.
Alice: I'm finally getting stuck into Stellaris. After reading about Brendy's adventures and watching a fair bit of 'Tube, I can't resist and have plucked up the courage. My 4X experience is mostly Civ and I've never played a grand strategy game so I'm excited to see how badly this goes. Perhaps my species will be able to smash our technology, de-evolve, and life in ignorant planetbound bliss. This weekend's festivities do also include a seven-hour riot grrrl-o-rama and the Beltane Fire Festival, mind, so I might just go get my ears blown out then sleep in the ashes of a bonfire.
Brendan: I want to play What Remains of Edith Finch because I saw a gif of a player rolling a great white shark down a hill and I thought: you know what? That's the game for me. I also started playing Hollow Knight yesterday, which is sort of a 2D Dark Souls but with cartoon insects. There's a crying caterpillar who won't tell me what's wrong and I find that very upsetting.
Graham: In all likelihood I'm going to continue playing Breath of the Wild. I've fallen into doing one of the four minibosses that form the core of the game's story, but I strongly suspect that if I don't beat it first time, I'll walk away and return to simply exploring. It really is a wonderful walking (or climbing and gliding) simulator. If I spend some time at my PC, I might finally give Unexplored a go, the roguelike that Adam raved about earlier this year.
John: [Yes, I fired him. Yes, he came back anyway. No, I don't know how to stop it -ed.]
Philippa: It's a long weekend which means NATIONAL TRUST PROPERTIES AND GARDENS A-GO-GO!

There is a butterfly farm and a botanical garden on my list at the moment. Being out and about a lot is something I love anyway but I started a newsletter recently to tell some longer-form stories about nature. That has been a really positive thing in terms of guiding that exploration or following up on interesting things I see creatures and plants getting up to. The signup is here if you are interested, but no pressure. I'm just enjoying sharing nice things :)

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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