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What are we all playing this weekend?


Dear RPS,
Hullo everyone! Dashing off a quick postcard from my hols. Ate three sticks of rock for breakfast today. Have started wearing a hat. Sand's everywhere. Margo did it again. Sophia says she's going to kill Judith. Visited the world's largest dairy statue of Alan Shearer; have bought you a lewd souvenir. And you wouldn't believe what we found while diving in the bay - or the noise it made ha ha! All my love to Dottie, and please spoil the cats rotten for me.

Warmest regards,

p.s. What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!


Alec is away away away so far far far far away.

Alice Bee

I am both preparing for EGX and moving house on Monday so I will probably not be able to play any nice video games - although I might squeeze in playing yet more Unavowed if I can, because I want to see more of the actor play through.

Alice L

Being a lover of strategy building games, Megaquariam is the next victim of my time. I mean, sure, it doesn't quite line up with my real life moral beliefs, but it's got cute fish and it's not real life. It's basically Zoo Tycoon crossed with Planet Coaster plus fish, right? Anyway, that's what I'm going to be sinking aaaall of my time into this weekend, and I can't wait

Alice O

Hey! It's me! The one on holiday! And while I may be on holiday, I'm not about to get fired for missing WPPAPWAPWPA. I am almost certainly in the sea while you are reading this.


I've fallen down a Destiny 2 shaped hole. It's terrible down here. Hopefully, I will crawl out long enough to play the new Tomb Raider. I still haven't cracked skulls as foolish policeman Lei Wulong in Tekken 7 either. Even though I promised to do that last week. I'm a terrible liar, I'm sorry. I just... need to get another new space gun.


I've spent a fair bit of time already with Dragon Quest XI, meeting the rather fabulous Sylvano relatively recently, and I have to say this is definitely one of my favourite games this year. I'll probably end up seeing if I can get on the boat to continue my adventure. Still no Metal Slimes whacked, but that will come soon.

But really the main focus for this weekend is to further explore Shadow of the Tomb Raider, particularly on seeing where the optional challenge tombs and crypts are, as well as the challenges in each area. It's relatively fun, though I did experience some stuttering in really specific places and some dodgy physics that hampered my enjoyment. I also now hate, yet somehow admire piranhas. They're vicious little scamps.


This is the last weekend before EGX, so realistically it's the last chance I have to fix any outstanding bugs in the game I'm demoing there in a few days time. With family stuff however, I'll only get a few hours to work on it at most. Eep!


Well, let's not beat around the bush: I'm going to have my wife and son kidnapped by highly trained gorillas so I can spend the entire weekend playing Spider-The-Man. And nothing else.


I've gone so far down the Nvidia Turing lore rabbit hole this week I think I've forgotten what playing games actually feels like. I speak only in Tensor Cores, anti-aliasing techniques and frames per second now. I might use my designated 2880 minutes of free time this weekend to finally move on from my 127th playthrough of the first three minutes from Shadow of the Tomb Raider, but only because my search for the best frames must continue until every frame has been counted and recorded for every last graphics card under the sun. The frames, they never end.


I've treasured my time with Spider-Man, but it's nearly over. When I've finished that and have ritually thrown my PS4 out of the window, I'll probably have a poke at Frozen Synapse 2. I did pretty well in a Frozen Synapse RPS community tournament back in the day, so hopefully I'll be great at this new version of chess with guns.


After watching Noa coo at Dragon Quest XI for a few minutes I'm tempted to jump into that, even though that spells certain doom for every other game in my to do list. If I resist, it's probably more Frozen Synapse 2 for me, which is a game I'm terrible at, but one that soundtracks my failure so beautifully it makes even my tactical flailing seem cool.


This weekend I will be playing Dragon Quest XI because that is my life now: trampling Bunnicorns and Great Sabrecubs under the hooves of my horse and making neato feathered caps at the fun-sized forge! If, for some inexplicable reason, I am NOT in Erdrea? Look to Midgard instead. If there, I'll be riding dragons and killing great swaths of Empire soldiers in Drakengard on my (old but not obsolete) PS2. I know what you're thinking and yes, these games make for a very strange combo. I like it.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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