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Whatever you do, don't listen to DokeV's trailer song before bed

Unless you want the worst night's sleep of your life

I reckon I'm not too bad at winding down in the evenings. Often I'll chill in Discord with some friends and treat myself to a Müller Corner, maybe even a banana as a special treat. Afterwards (or before, depending on how young the night is), if I'm feeling particularly decadent, I'll run myself a bath and use the special "Muscle Therapy" bubble bath mixture that looks suspiciously like blood.

I'd say most of the time this ritual leads to a solid night's sleep. But for some reason, I got cocky last night. Just before beddy-byes I listened to that music from the DokeV Geoffscom reveal trailer, purely because I thought "why not, huh?". And I've not been the same since.

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