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What's your favourite game of 2020?

With apologies to those releasing in December

The RPS treehouse has been filled with that most festive of activities: arguing. We've been selecting games for the RPS Advent Calendar, which means both trying to decide what games we loved most in 2020, and also trying to remember even a single game we played in 2020.

To help with both of these things, I'm asking you: what was your favourite game this year?

If you're not familiar with it, the advent calendar is our selection of the best games of the year. It seems only fair that you should abide by the same rules as we do when selecting games, but they're fairly generous. Any game that came out in 2020, whether in early access or a 1.0 release from early access, is available for celebration. We also go one step further and say that any game that feels of 2020 in some significant way can also be selected. Among Us was released in 2018, but it's a 2020 game really, isn't it? Yes.

Remember to write a little a bit about why you're selecting that particular game. For example, "My favourite game is Hades, because of its rollicking combat and the canny way it sprinkles its story across different runs and because you can pet a big dog." Because let's face it, half of you are going to pick Hades.

I've played a few hours of Hades and enjoyed it plenty, but it's not one of my personal faves of the year. You'll have to wait till December 1st to find out what we're choosing - and to say anything further would be to spoil the yearly Advent Calendar guessing game over on the RPS forum.

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